Six Money Making Endeavors For Kids

Your child is angling for that coveted video game or expensive pair of shoes. You think he’s old enough to start earning his own money for these little luxuries. You toss out the idea. And what do you know? Your child expresses enthusiasm. Now the big question: “What can my ‘tween or young teen do?” We’ve got some ideas for a plethora of kid personalities. Plus, these can-do jobs teach kids great lessons about investing, managing profits, time management and marketing.


If your child enjoys spending time with younger kids, is responsible and has experience taking care of little ones, this might be a great fit. There are babysitting and first-aid classes available through a multitude of organizations. Check the laws within your community as kids need to be at least a certain age to be left home, let alone caring for someone else’s children.

Lawn Maintenance

If your child likes spending time outside and getting some exercise, this might be the perfect job. Services offered could be raking leaves, weeding, keeping the yard clean of debris and dog poop, as well as mowing grass.


Need your car washed? Or maybe you need help with your annual spring cleaning day? Have your child help. There are plenty of duties your child can take on in this realm. (Just make sure he/she’s not using harmful cleaning chemicals.)

Pet care

Dogs always need walks, grooming, attention and love. If you’ve got an animal lover in the house, this might be his or her ticket to some extra income and fun. Ensure the pets are friendly and receptive to your child. Also make sure your child understands the warning signs of an animal that’s feeling threatened to prevent any bites.

Making Crafts then Selling

There are a number of projects your child can create to add flair to a living space. People are always in need of baskets to organize junk drawers, kids’ rooms or other spaces. Might as well decorate those baskets. There are tons of seasonal crafts ideas (like Easter or Halloween baskets) your child can make.

Lemonade/Slushie stands

This is a great way to quench the thirst of your micro-community and make some pocket money at the same time. Check the weather reports for sunny days, put out the word then set up the stand and post the sign!

Lisa Bertrand is the founder of STLFamilyLife and manages the “Love in the ‘Lou” as well as “Launch in the ‘Lou” channels. She can be reached @LisaOnTheLoose on Twitter or emailed at mother of bun at gmail dot com. She also writes an online column called ParentPop for ALIVE magazine and contributes to Girls Guide to the Galaxy.

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One thought on “Six Money Making Endeavors For Kids

  1. LisaS

    my kids do a lemonade stand a few times a year, mostly when there’s a festival or something in the park. they make good lemonade–actual lemons, not mix–a still make a small fortune (in kid terms, anyway).