There’s Something About Tammy

I walk into a quaint bistro in Clayton to sneak in a quick lunch date with my husband. I’ve never been to this place but immediately notice something strange. I can’t put my finger on it at first but then I realize, while there are about 15 people in the establishment, I’m the only female.

This place isn’t exactly a macho man’s lair. And the fare is rather chi-chi. The “manliest” thing on the menu? Lasagna. I am amused at this and puzzled. As more patrons amble in, I notice they too are all men. Then I find out exactly WHY all these men are here.

Her name is Tammy.

According to my husband, the food is good, but the majority of the patrons seem to frequent due to the woman with the beautiful hair, great skin, fantastic figure, and pretty face. But I still wonder… What is so magical about Tammy?

As Tammy walks up to us, she flashes a bright smile and says “hello.” She notices our wobbly table, makes a joke and in a flash fixes it with a well-placed sugar packet. I notice my husband blush a bit when she asks about our drink order. She has a very “girl next door” look, very relaxed and natural. And I suspect many of the men who dine here also have a bit of a school boy crush on her.

So I watch and learn. Yes, she’s very pretty. But she is not flirtatious. She’s not wearing revealing clothes. She’s cheerful, personable and is quick to get us our drinks. She buzzes around the room, laughing with patrons, taking orders, checking on others, and cleaning up dishes. She’s very efficient and projects a confident yet easy-going nature. She looks people in the eyes when she takes their order and she’s quick to smile.

As we walk back to the car, I say, “If you would have told me ahead of time how men flock to this place and why, I would have pictured Tammy to be a 19 year-old Megan Fox look-alike wearing a very tight, skimpy outfit. Frankly, I’d picture someone who was very flirtsy and well… vapid.”

My husband rolls his eyes and smiles at me.

I quickly continue, “But I’m guessing a lot of the men who like Tammy come not just because she’s very pretty, but because she’s outgoing and friendly, yet professional. She has a very positive energy about her. She makes the men who come in there feel good about themselves.”

My husband looks at me. “Yep. That’s it. You’ve got it.”

I experience an “a-ha!” moment of sorts. “So while it may be somewhat about the looks, it is far more about how we women can make men feel?”

“And here you women think we’re all so shallow,” my husband says as he pulls me in for hug.

Frankly I’m glad to be reminded that it isn’t solely about cleavage or curves. Then I give the hubs a long, lingering kiss to remind him of how good I can make him feel.

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