Time out: Moms Need Them Too!

By Lisa Bertrand

Moms need “me time.” That’s no secret. But between kids, careers, romantic relationships, and household tasks, time becomes a precious commodity.

But it’s not just that there’s no room left in the schedule. Often moms feel a sense of guilt when doing so, as if taking a step away from the myriad of demands means  putting their family’s needs second.

If you’re one of the moms who fall into the latter category, I’m here to tell you to change that attitude. Because “me time” is good for moms. A new survey from Lincoln Financial entitled MOOD of America (Measuring Optimism, Outlook and Direction), states that doing so can reap big benefits for you and your family.

According to the study, consisting of 803 women over the age of 18 living throughout the Unites States, femmes who take time out to care for themselves report feeling more in control of their lives. And, according to the survey, when you feel you’re in control of your destiny, you’re generally a more optimistic person. These feelings, in turn, lead to a greater sense of strength and self-confidence.

The research revealed 79% of those take-charge women feel that there are no limits to what they can accomplish. And 93% of those who participated felt that when it comes to problems, they are fully capable of solving issues themselves, thankyouverymuch.

“A key attribute shared by women who feel in control of their lives is that they feel empowered to take action,” said Jamie DePeau, chief marketing officer at Lincoln Financial.

And that translates to greater financial health.

“These women have taken proactive steps to build financial security for themselves and their families, such as putting away money for retirement,” DePeau said.

To inspire women across America, Lincoln has created a Women Take Charge online resource with information dedicated to helping women take charge of their futures. They have also created a video documenting women from three life stages as they talk about why they took charge of their finances and futures. Check it out here.