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Giveaway! Win a Four Pack of Tickets to Disney on Ice & a Recordable Storybook

Posted by on September 17, 2012

What can you do in twenty minutes? That’s enough time to paint and let dry one coat of nail polish, zone out and watch a sitcom and a few of the commercials, or you could spend that same amount of time each day reading to your child and give them a gift that lasts a lifetime. Twenty minutes a day doesn’t really seem like a lot, but what about on those days when you’ve got a baby on one arm, a blackberry in hand answering an urgent email, you are dancing as fast as you can, and the only way your toddler is getting story time is if there is a clone running around somewhere waiting for you to hand it a storybook? That’s when Hallmark’s line of recordable storybooks come in especially handy…or when all of those, ‘I know you from somewhere!’ stumpers start to make a little more sense.

If you aren’t familiar with these very special books, they are a line of automated storybooks that allow you to record yourself reading the story, and when your child opens the book it plays back your recording, page-by-page. A fantastic idea for families who are living far from loved ones, and for busy parents who travel, can’t seem to locate their clone, or are just looking for a really special way to share the wonderful world of reading with their child. We have been big fans since Hallmark sent us one to try out before Blissdom’s blogging conference in 2011.

Hallmark’s has a great library of recordable storybook titles, including classics like, “Goodnight Moon,” and “Guess How Much I Love You.” They just added a couple of new Disney titles to their library, “The Wish My Heart Makes For You,” featuring Cinderella, and “You’re a Hero! All the Ways You Save the Day” featuring the crew from Cars. We had a chance to try out “The Wish My Heart Makes For You,” recently, and not only did we love the sentiment of the story-what parents doesn’t want their child to know how much happiness we wish for them?-but we love that you can record this sentiment in your own voice to share with a child, godchild, or even as a new baby gift!

To celebrate the newest arrivals to their collection, and to give you a chance to try one out for yourself, the folks at Hallmark want to treat one of our readers to a unique, Hallmark Disney Experience! You can enter to win a four pack of tickets for the Saturday, September 22 Disney on Ice Treasure Trove show at 3pm the Chaifetz Arena in St Louis. And you’ll get a recordable storybook to share with your special kid!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling us which Disney character you are most excited about sharing with your favorite child before midnight CST on Tuesday September 18, and one winner will be selected at random. Share a link to this giveaway on your Facebook and/or Twitter feeds, and then leave a link to your share in the comments for up to two more entries!

Disclosure: Hallmark and their representatives provided STLFamilyLife.com a family four pack of ticket as well as a storybook for this post free of charge. However, no monetary payment was made, and the provision of product does not influence or distort our opinion of the products or companies in any way, and all opinions expressed herein are our own.

Update on 9.19.2012 Thank you to everyone who participated! We have selected our winner at random, and here is the picture proof! Enjoy the show and your recordable storybook!!


  • #1
    Erika said:

    My girls love Rapunzel!

  • #2
    Raquita said:

    My Girls love all the princesses, but as a family of color, we try to play up the ethinic girls, (Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Jasmine) Although we have a fondness for Belle, and Ariel, for personality purposes. And my youngest girl LOVES Rapunzel.

  • #3
    Betsy said:

    Her favorite change daily, but her favorite right now is Snow White. Snow White the book, pajamas, the movie, and recently grandma found the Snow White Barbie at a garage sale. Talk about one excited four-year old!

  • #4
    Faiza said:

    I have two boys. Little one loved mickey and older one is obsessed
    With donald these. It would be soo nice to see disney on ice. My older have high functioning autism. He will be happy to see his fav, naughty donald. And younger one will be happy to see mickey.

  • #5
    Amy said:

    My girls would love to see Rapunzel!

  • #6
    Debbie said:

    Mary Clare loves Belle, but she thinks Snow White and Cinderella have the best clothes. Those are her go-to girls when it’s time for dress up play.

  • #7
    Lisa said:

    Definitely Belle.

  • #8
    Justine said:

    Bella says Ariel, but I know it’s really Rapunzel who she calls “Tangled”.

  • #9
    Lisa R said:

    We like Rapunzel

    Sibabe64 at ptd dot net